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the following template is missing sap_sm.xls

the following template is missing sap_sm.xls


Error: the following template is missing sap_sm.xls


for this error we can check two notes

1. 1885006 – Template is missing: sap_sm.xls, While importing the template dump occurs

2. 1771260 – ALV view: Signed SAP standard template

As per above notes

Execute report BCALV_BDS_MAINTENANCE to find out whether templates exist or not in 000 client. If exist in 000 client check in working client.

If templates does not exist in working client and exist in 000 client, Transport them from 000 client.

If they are not present in 000 client also download the template from 1771260 and Import It.

Updated: June 14, 2016 — 1:40 pm

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