Tasks and timelines for Data center and Domain switch

S.No Steps Estimated Time
Infra team Taks’s
1 Get Ready with Infra setup To be filled by infra
2 Install required OS and setup for SAP installations To be filled by infra
3 Add to the domain/workgroup To be filled by infra
4 setup back up To be filled by infra
SAP Basis Team task’s
5 Install MS SQL server once the OS is setup 1:00
6 Install SAP-ABAP 2:00
7 Adjust the parameters SAP and Database. 5:00
8 Kernel switch 1:00
9 Check the back up 2:00
10 Online DB backup at source (source) 2:00
11 Restore DB at target   (Destination) 2:00
12 Apply redo logs of generated 5:00
13 Shutdown SAP at source – Downtime starts 0:30
14 Final shipment of log files from source (Old environment) 0:30
15 Apply final logs at target (New environment) 0:30
16 Open DB – Double check for final log 0:10
17 Post DB copy steps 0:30
18 Post system copy tasks ABAP 1:00
19 System Backup – New environment 1:00
20 System release for the validations
Network “DNS/URL” switch
21 Network Team to repoint the DNS/URL to the new IP adderess To be filled by Network
22 Relese SAP for Business To be filled by Network
Updated: July 12, 2016 — 3:34 pm

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