SAP Sybase installation in Linux (Sybase 16 SP 02)

This guide explains that how to install Sybase in Linux OS.

Pre-requisites for Sybase Installation in Linux

1. Download Sybase software form SMP. (DVD 51051117)

2. Login with Root (cd /home) and create a user sys<sid>


3. Enter command Visudo and add below line (To avoid to enter password when sudo)

sys<sid> ALL = NOPASSWD: /bin/su – root


4. Set env with sys<sid> user as per below.


su – sys<sid>
cd enter
vi .bash_profile
export SYBASE_OCS=OCS-16_0
export SYBASE=/sybase
export SYBASE_JRE_RTDS=/sybase/shared/SAPJRE-7_1_027_64BIT
export SYBASE_WS=WS-16_0
export SYBASE_ASE=ASE-16_0
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/CA/SharedComponents/lib:/opt/CA/CAlib:/sybase/ASE-16_0/lib:/sybase/DataAccess64/ODBC/lib:/sybase/DataAccess/ODBC/lib:/sybase/OCS-16_0/lib:/sybase/OCS-16_0/lib3p64:/sybase/OCS-16_0/lib3p::/opt/CA/SharedComponents/lib:/opt/CA/CAlib


5. To open installation GUI window copy .Xauthority file into.

cp .Xauthority /home/sys<sid>
change permissions
chown sys<sid>:sys<sid> .Xauthority


Note: The above step is not mandatory for all environments.


6. Go to root directory and change permissions to sybase user

chown sys<sid>:sys<sid> sybase


Installation of Sybase in Linux

Go to installation directory and run setup.bin with sys<sid> user



Follow GUI options

sap sybase1


Now GUI Window opens.


sap sybase2


Here Click on Next


sap sybase3


sap sybase4


Select Full Option in the above screen and Click on Next. If you select FULL It will install all the common application features.




In this window we selected Option NO. If you want you can select Yes and click on Next


sap sybase6


Here You find 5 Options to install. I selected “Install Licensed copy of SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise” and Click on Next


sap sybase7


Here Select the your country and Select “I agree to the terms of the SAP license for the install location specified” and Click on Next


sap sybase8


Here I select “Specify license Keys” option and provided the license which I generated in SMP and Clicked on Next. 

Based upon your requirement and License availability you can select any one of the other two options and Click on Next


sap sybase9


Select “Product Edition” and License Type and Click on Next

sap sybase10


Select “Yes” If you want to configure email alerts. You have to give your “SMTP Server host name“, “SMTP Server port number“, “Sender email” and “Recipient emails” if you want to configure email alerts.

I selected No and  clicked on Next


sap sybase11


sap sybase12


Check the summary once and Click on Install


sap sybase13



sap sybase14


Now system asks to configure new servers below message.

The SAP Adaptive server enterprise includes products that require configuration. If you choose to configure the products on this screen, you will be given the option to specify custom values for each product. If you choose not to configure the products now, you can configure later.

and It gives below options

Configure new SAP ASE


Configure new Backup Server

Configure new XP server

Configure new job scheduler

Enable Selft Management

Configure Cockpit.

Select Desired options and Click on Next


sap sybase15


Now system is asking to configure the server with different user. I choose “No” and Click on Next


sap sybase16


Select the Target Directory to install SAP sybase and Click on Next


sap sybase17


Here provide the necessary details.


sap sybase18


I gave 8k and utf8 and Clicked on Next


sap sybase19


Click on Next to continue


sap sybase20


Keep default values and click on Next


sap sybase21


Give desired values and Click on Next


sap sybase22


System is asking to configure Backup server. Give values if required and Click on Next


sap sybase23


Select XP Server details. and Click on Next


sap sybase24


Changed the Values from default to – 1024 and Click on Next


sap sybase25


Click on Next


sap sybase26


Select Default values and click on Next


sap sybase27


Choose default values and click on Next


sap sybase28


sap sybase29


sap sybase30


sap sybase31


Check all parameters once Click on Next


sap sybase32


Installation is going on…..


sap sybase33


SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise 16.0 SP02 Installation was successful.


Click Here to see Post Installation Steps 


Updated: September 13, 2016 — 3:11 pm


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  1. Here in the installtion where is the user sybsid got created?

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