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Q: What is SAP Host Agent?

Ans: SAP Host Agent is a agent which performs few life-cycle mgm’t tasks like  Monitoring OS, Monitoring DB, Instance Provisioning and Control.


Q: How to install SAP Host Agent?

Ans: It will install automatically with any SAP installation with SAP Kernel 7.20 or higher. It upgrades automatically with SAP Kernel Patch or version upgrade.  We can also install or upgrade SAP Host Agent manually. 


Q: How to Download SAP Host Agent / SAP Host Agent Download? 

Ans: To download SAPHOSTAGENT.SAR file from SMP 

  1. go to SAP Software Download Center
  2. Support Packages and Patches
  3. By Category
  4. SAP Technology Components
  6. SAP Host Agent version
  7. Select desired Operating System
  8. Download Archive


Q: How to install SAP Host Agent in Windows?


–> Before SAP Host Agent installation check SAP note: 1375494

–> Extract SAPHOSTAGENT.SAR with below command

           "sapcar -xvf SAPHOSTAGENT.SAR"

–> after extract you will find saphostexec file

–> Execute below command

                      “saphostexec -install”


Q: How to upgrade SAP Host Agent?

Ans: for upgrade download latest version of SAP HOST AGENT and extract it

Execute below command to upgrade

“saphostexec -upgrade”


Q: how to check sap host agent version?

Ans: go to sap host agent folder and execute below command

“saphostexec -version”


For other documentation of SAP Host Agent follow below link:

  1. SAP Host Agent – Frequently Asked Questions










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