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SAP Hana savepoints required to save data from memoy to disk in HANA Database. SAP HANA Administrators should configure these sap hana savepoints. Every SAP HANA Server and every SAP HANA service contains own savepoints.

latest Savepoints availability increases the SAP HANA Server restart time. Why because very few redo logs have to be applied to make SAP HANA Database consistent.


Q: When SAP HANA Savepoint triggers?

Ans: SAP HANA Savepoint triggers in below ways.

  1. Automatic SAP HANA Savepoint Trigger
  2. Manual SAP HANA Savepoint Trigger
  3. SAP HANA server soft shutdown
  4. SAP HANA server normal startup
  5. SAP HANA server snapshots

Automatic SAP HANA Savepoint Trigger:

Automatic SAP HANA Savepoint triggers at predefined time. It is based on interval time between two savepoints. Parameter is below.

–> Go to Global.ini –> persistence –> savepoint_interval_s

300 is the default value.  So sap hana savepoint triggers for every five minutes.


Manual SAP HANA Savepoint Trigger:

ALTER SYSTEM SAVEPOINT is the sap hana sql command to execute from HANA STUDIO.


SAP HANA server soft shutdown:

SAP HANA Savepoint occurres when you stop SAP HANA server from command level or HANA studio level. SAP HANA Savepoint will not trigger when HARD Shutdown of SAP HANA Server.


SAP HANA server normal startup:

SAP HANA Savepoint will be performed when database is in consistent state after startup.


SAP HANA server snapshots:

Sanpshots are default Savepoints which are stored for longer use.


More information can be found below:

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