SAP HANA database backup fails with “[447] backup could not be completed, [1000002] Allocation failed” error

The below error logs are found in backup.log 

The data backups of your HANA database are failing due to following error: [447] backup could not be completed, [1000002] Allocation failed ; $size$=426870912; $name$=ChannelUtils::copy; $type$=pool; $inuse_count$=0; $allocated_size$=0

447: backup could not be completed: [8022830] ltt::exception caught while operating on IDBackupCatalog, [1000002] Allocation failed ; $size$=124383; $name$=Page; $type$=pool; $inuse_count$=26; $allocated_size$=2248124 SQLSTATE: HY000

To correct these errors, either Hana parameters need to be adjusted or the DB needs to be shut down and restarted. However, HANA DB restart wouldn’t be a permanent solution for this issue.

The default memory allocation limit for the HANA statistics server process is insufficient for newer HANA SPS releases (SPS5+). As a consequence the backup of the statistics server may fail.


Increase the memory limit of the statistics server.

1. To increase the memory limit of the statistics server, In the HANA Studio navigation, open the “Administration”-tab of the affected system using the SYSTEM user.

2. In the “Configuration”-view expand the statistics server.ini and memorymanager. You should see the following:



3. Right-click on “allocationlimit” and choose “change”.

4. Set the value to 10% or even higher, depending on the memory capabilities of your host.

Note: Recommended values are between “5%” and “20%” and higher in exceptional cases, for example “25%”. The value must be adjusted to match the system requirements (memory size, number of tables).


5. Go to the “Landscape”-tab and select “reconfigure service” for the “indexserver” service to reconfigures the indexserver service by applying the current configuration parameters.

Note:In Support Package 7 and later, you can migrate the statistics server (see SAP Notes 1917938 and 1925684). After the migration, a separate statistics server process no longer exists. The new embedded statistics server has a lower memory consumption.



Use below URL to perform the ALTER SYSTEM RECONFIGURE SERVICE using SQL statements

6. Repeat the backup.

For more information refer below SAP Notes:

1929538 – HANA Statistics Server – Out of Memory

2036111 – Configuration parameters for the SAP HANA system

Updated: December 7, 2016 — 2:33 pm

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