no “New Entries” button in SCC4 t-code


No “New Entries button” when I go to SCC4 t-code in BW4HANA server.




When I click on Change button in the above screen it is giving options to change 000 client. Not giving “New Entries” button.


  1. Open HANA Studio.

2. Open SQL Console

3. Execute below command with proper user which has authorization rights. I suggest login to HANA Studio using SAPSID user or SAPABAP1 user.


INSERT into SAPABAP1.T000 (MANDT, MTEXT, LOGSYS) VALUES (‘100’, ‘Sandbox Client’, ‘B4HCLNT100’)

Note: Change the schema name, Logical system name and client number as per your requirement.

4. After you execute above command go to SAP and Execute SE11 t-code

5. Provide “T000” in the table input field and Click on Activate.

6. Once It is activated your can see “New Entries” button in SCC4 t-code.

Updated: July 12, 2017 — 6:38 am


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  1. Awesome , thanks fr question and answer.

  2. Thank you Mahendra for clearly documenting the steps here. We had the same issue with S/4 HANA initial releases as well.

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