How to refresh SAP HANA database on HANA SPS 10

This post explains that how to perform SAP database refresh on HANA SPS 10. Please follow below steps to refresh SAP HANA  in your environment.


QAS (HANA Quality) System Refresh (for ECC 6 EHP7) with PRD (HANA Production) backup

SAP HANA system copy Procedure via Database Redirect Restore 

Below is the HANA System copy (SWPM) using Backup/Recovery method from Production to Quality.

— SID of HANA Production is PRD –> Schema of PRD is SAPPRD

— SID of HANA Quality is QAS –> Schema of QAS is SAPQAS



Read SAP note 1844468 – Homogeneous system copy on SAP HANA

If you perform the System copy as per the note 1844468 – Homogeneous system copy on SAP HANA


  1. Take the backup of HANA production database.
  2. Copy/Move the backup from source to target (production to quality) system using scp command. Ensure that target host file system is having enough space for Backup.
  3. Download the latest SWPM.
  4. Download HANA Kernel.
  5. Prepare the SAP HANA License of quality.
  6. Perform pre refresh steps from target (quality) SAP system.
  7. Execute SWPM.

PRD backup:

Take the backup of HANA PRD system

Perform a manual database backup of PRD (PRD HANA database) to File

In the HANA Studio, right click Backup –>(Choose) Back Up System…


Enter the required information:

Destination Type = File

Backup Destination = /backup (Note: Ensure you have enough free space in the /backup FS)


Click Next


Review the Backup Settings

Click Finish when you are ready to start the HANA backup



Copy the HANA complete backup from PRD to QAS

Copy backup from source to target host using below SCP command.

Scp <Backup files> root@<HANA QAS IP>:<File path> later it prompt for password provide the root password of HANA QAS system.


Provided full permission to backup files in QAS.

It’s recommended to take a backup of QAS.

Download the latest Kernel from service market place which suites for your HANA environment


Please uncar SWPM prefixing with  –manifest SIGNATURE.SMF to prevent below error.

“File ‘SIGNATURE.SMF’ cannot be found in the SAP HANA database installation kit”

Sapcar.exe –xvf SWPM10SP17_4-20009707.SAR –manifest SIGNATURE.SMF

Find the below link for more information:

Starting the actual Database restore process:

Stop all SAP applications & SAP services on QAS

Launch sapinst:


In Software Provisioning Manager 1.0

1) <Your Product>
2) <Your Database>
3) System Copy
4) Target System
5) <System Variant>
6) Based on <Technical Stack>
Standard System

In present scenario:

Go to Software Provisioning Manager 1.0 –> SAP Business Suite 7i 2013 Support Release 2 –> EHP7 for SAP ERP 6.0 ABAP Support Release 2 –> SAP HANA Database –> System Copy –> Target System –> Distributed System –> Based on AS-ABAP –> (Choose) Database Refresh or Move



Click on Next


Fill with profile path


Enter the Master Password


Choose “Homogeneous System Copy (SAP HANA-specific Backup/Recovery)

Uncheck “Start Migration/Restore Manually”


Enter the following info:

Database ID DBSID = QAS

Database Host = <QAS Host name>

Instance number of the SAP HANA Database = 00

Password of the SAP HANA Database System Administrator = (If you want to provide the different password than master password, you can change it otherwise Do NOT change!!! Taken from the Master Password)



Provide UC Kernel NW740 SR2 location


Keep default values (for the DBACOCKPIT schema)

Click Next


Enter the Schema = SAPPRD (Enter the schema name from the source system in PRD)

Schema Password = (Do NOT change!!! Taken from the master password)



In the Database Schema dialogs, enter the schema names and the passwords that match the data in the backup. For example, if you install a DEV system and use a backup of the PRD system for the installation, you must specify SAPPRD as the schema in the dialogs instead of SAPDEV. The same applies to the DBA Cockpit schema.


Enter the following:

Database <sid>adm = < Enter source systemSIDADM password >

Database <sid>adm Password = <Enter target system password>

SAPControl WSDL URL = (Keep the default value)

Backup Destination Type = File (We chose file because we are restoring from a backup file)


Enter the following:

Backup Location = /backup

Backup Name = COMPLETE_DATA_BACKUP_refresh


Choose if you want to install a new SAP HANA license in the target database system. A new license is required because the backup that is to be implemented in the target database system derives from another source database, that is the hardware or the database SID has changed.



It’s recommended to check the “interrupt before starting SAP system”

otherwise it starts the DB and SAP after the SWPM completion. If you missed this, recommended to comment BTC and Spool in QAS Instance profile, otherwise SAP start’s and run Production background jobs in QAS and the same will be printed in customer side. To avoid such a situation please do either any one.


Select Local Client directory as HANA Client software Patch. Perhaps you can select “central directory also” Depends on the requirement.














Perform the Post System Refresh Activities as per the Homogeneous system copy guide.

We are not including Post refresh activity steps. This will be common like other refresh activity.

Note: Please comment BTC and Spool in QAS instance profile, to prevent production jobs to be run on QAS.

Updated: November 15, 2016 — 12:31 pm


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      1709838 – BW 7.3 on HANA: System copy using backup and recovery

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