How start SWPM 20 in GUI mode instead of Browser

From SWPM20 version sapinst execution interface changed from GUI to web browser
Some times it won’t worked properly while starting the sapinst or executing in browser.


Program is starting… Please wait!
SAPinst build information:
Version: 749.0.28
Build: 1770975
Compile time: Jul 05 2017 – 16:03:54
Make type: optU
Codeline: 749_REL
Platform: ntamd64
Kernel build: 749, patch 300, changelist 1770269
SAP JRE build: SAP Java Server VM (build 8.1.030 25.51-b10, Apr 26 2017 16:09:52 – 81_REL – optU – windows amd64 – 6 – bas2:288514 (mixed mode))
SAP JCo build: 3.0.16
SL-UI version: 2.6.2
SAP UI5 version: 1.42.4
Exe directory: C:\Users\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temp\2\sapinst_exe.10960.1502041853

Exit status of child: 1
Not closing window (Exit State: 1; exitOnError: 0).


We can also start the sapsinst in GUI mode.

execute sapinst with below parameter on command prompt.

sapinst.exe SAPINST_SLP_MODE=false



Click here to get more information

Updated: August 9, 2017 — 12:21 pm


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  1. This was indeed a helpful answer.
    Thanks a ton!
    I have been searching SAP blogs and could not find ta solution to this!

    Sadish Pattali

    1. Thanks Karthik!


      It’s there in SWPM guide. We just need to read ’em ;)..!

      5.6 Running the Installer
      This section describes how to run the installation tool Software Provisioning Manager 1.0 (the “installer” for short).Prerequisites
      For more information, see Prerequisites for Running the Installer [page 116].Context
      Software Provisioning Manager (the “installer” for short) offers two GUIs:●
      The new web browser-based “SL Common GUI of the Software Provisioning Manager” – “SL Common GUI” for short●
      The “classic” Java-based GUI with a CUI client and server – “Java SDT GUI” for shortNote
      If the SL Common GUI does not meet your requirements you can still use the “classic” Java SDT GUI. You then have to start the sapinst executable with the command line option SAPINST_SLP_MODE=false.


  2. That’s great information you have shared. It’s really helpful..!
    Thank You…!

  3. it’s really helpful

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