Error text from tp: ERROR: Buffer check failed. Message No. TK094


Test call of transport control program (tp) ended with return code 0012
Message No. TK094

Your transport request could not be exported, since all requirements were not fulfilled.

Calling the transport control program tp
“tp EXPCHK SIDK910004 pf=\\transhost\sapmnt\trans\bin\TP_DOMAIN_SID.PFL -Dtransdir=\\”

which checks the export requirements, returned the following information:

Return code from tp: 0012

Error text from tp: ERROR: Buffer check failed.

System Response
Further processing is terminated.

Check the following points:

Feasibility of the transport control program tp
Parameter settings in the transport profile
Availability of the transport directory and the subdirectories (cofiles, data, log, sapnames, bin)
Write authorization for the subdirectories
Write authorization for the files of the subdirectories cofiles, data, log, sapnames
Release the request again when the error has been removed



I got this error after I did backup restore of SQL database to our new landscape. I was not able to release a test TR. To resolve this issue I followed noteĀ 2252019.

Updated: July 5, 2018 — 4:05 pm

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