DBSQL_TABLE_UNKNOWN Installation error Table is unknown or does not exist Invalid object name SEDT_PROG_VIEW


Category               Installation error
Runtime Errors         DBSQL_TABLE_UNKNOWN

Short Text
Table is unknown or does not exist.

What happened?
Error in the ABAP application program.

The current ABAP program “SAPLSDH3” had to be terminated because it found a
statement that could not be executed.

Error analysis
In an SAP Open SQL statement, a table is specified that either does not
exist on the database, or that is not known to the ABAP Data
This is table “SEDT_PROG_VIEW”, or another table which the statement wants to
access. The database has returned SQL code “SQL code: 208” with the error text
“SQL message: Invalid object name ‘SEDT_PROG_VIEW’.”.

Trigger Location of Runtime Error
Program                                 SAPLSDH3
Include                                 LSDH3U03
Row                                     151
Module Type                             (FUNCTION)
Module Name                             F4_GET_RESULT

Source Code Extract (Source code changed)

Line  SourceCde

121           OPEN CURSOR cursor-c FOR
122               SELECT * FROM (sel_method)
123                    WHERE (where_clause)
124                    %_HINTS ORACLE ‘&SUBSTITUTE VALUES&’.
125         ELSE.
126           OPEN CURSOR cursor-c FOR
127               SELECT * FROM (sel_method)
128                    WHERE (where_clause)
129                    ORDER BY PRIMARY KEY
130                    %_HINTS ORACLE ‘&SUBSTITUTE VALUES&’.
131         ENDIF.
132       ELSE.
133         IF sort = space.
134           OPEN CURSOR cursor-c FOR
135             SELECT * UP TO max_select ROWS FROM (sel_method)
136                  WHERE (where_clause)
137                  %_HINTS ORACLE ‘&SUBSTITUTE VALUES&’.
138         ELSE.
139           OPEN CURSOR cursor-c FOR
140               SELECT * UP TO max_select ROWS FROM (sel_method)
141                    WHERE (where_clause)
142                      ORDER BY PRIMARY KEY
143                    %_HINTS ORACLE ‘&SUBSTITUTE VALUES&’.
144         ENDIF.
145       ENDIF.
147     ENDIF.
148     IF max_select = 0.
149       max_select = 500.
150     ENDIF.
>>>>>     FETCH NEXT CURSOR cursor-c INTO TABLE <itab>
152           PACKAGE SIZE max_select.
153     IF cursor-with_cursor NE ‘P’.
154       CLOSE CURSOR cursor-c.
155     ENDIF.
156   ELSE.
157 *   Jetzt kann mit dieser Where-Bedingung selektiert werden.
158     IF sort = space.
159 * Dynamische Suche
160       SELECT * UP TO max_select ROWS FROM (sel_method)
161                INTO TABLE <itab>

162                WHERE (where_clause)
163                %_HINTS ORACLE ‘&SUBSTITUTE VALUES&’.
164     ELSE.
165       SELECT * UP TO max_select ROWS FROM (sel_method)
166                INTO TABLE <itab>
167                WHERE (where_clause)
168                ORDER BY PRIMARY KEY
169                %_HINTS ORACLE ‘&SUBSTITUTE VALUES&’.
170     ENDIF.


This error occurred when we are trying input any program name in SE38 t-code. I Regenerated all of the DDL views with program RUTDDLSCREATE and issue resolved.


Updated: November 1, 2017 — 4:06 pm

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  1. Thanks for the support. I have rectified error using above answer.


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