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How to install SAPSprint service on Windows and configure printer in Spool server and in SAP

This post explains that how to configure the spool server and printer in SAP to perform remote printing in your environment. Background Information: SAP print methods: Local printing Remote printing (network) Frontend Printing (SAP GUI for Windows) Frontend printing (SAP GUI for HTML) Local: The host spool system (printers & devices configured Host)and the spool work […]

How to Move ORACLE_HOME or How to rename ORACLE_HOME

This document explains that how to rename oracle home or How to move Oracle_home. I had a situation where I installed ORACLE_HOME wrongly in C:\Oracle instead of c:\oracle\SID\11204. The below procedure explains how to rename it. Prerequisites: Take complete DB backup. Take backup of c:\oracle\SID\database folder Take backup of c:\oracle\SID\Network folder. Take the screenshot of […]

sap host agent

Q: What is SAP Host Agent? Ans: SAP Host Agent is a agent which performs few life-cycle mgm’t tasks like  Monitoring OS, Monitoring DB, Instance Provisioning and Control.   Q: How to install SAP Host Agent? Ans: It will install automatically with any SAP installation with SAP Kernel 7.20 or higher. It upgrades automatically with SAP […]

Upgrade MS SQL Server 2008 R2 to MS SQL Server 2012 – SAP

UPGRADE Procedure MS SQL Server 2008 R2 to MS SQL Server 2012.  Prerequisites to upgrade to MS SQL Server 2012 in SAP environment: These steps are not valid for HA environment. Check note 1676665. Download the instructions document “Upgrade to and Installation of SQL Server 2012 in an SAP Environment” from -> Database Upgrades -> MS […]

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