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SAP HANA database backup fails with “[447] backup could not be completed, [1000002] Allocation failed” error


The below error logs are found in backup.log  The data backups of your HANA database are failing due to following error: [447] backup could not be completed, [1000002] Allocation failed ; $size$=426870912; $name$=ChannelUtils::copy; $type$=pool; $inuse_count$=0; $allocated_size$=0 447: backup could not be completed: [8022830] ltt::exception caught while operating on IDBackupCatalog, [1000002] Allocation failed ; $size$=124383; $name$=Page; $type$=pool; […]

sap hana save point

 HANA SAVEPOINT   SAP Hana savepoints required to save data from memoy to disk in HANA Database. SAP HANA Administrators should configure these sap hana savepoints. Every SAP HANA Server and every SAP HANA service contains own savepoints. latest Savepoints availability increases the SAP HANA Server restart time. Why because very few redo logs have […]

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