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“backup could not be completed, Cannot open file “

COMPLETE_DATA_BACKUP_132821_databackup_0_1″ ((closed, mode= W, access= rw-r—–, flags= DIRECT|TRUNCATE|MULTI_WRITERS|UNALIGNED_SIZE), factory= (root= “/media/XXXXX______________/” (access= rw-r—–, flags= AUTOCREATE_PATH|DISKFULL_ERROR, usage= DATA_BACKUP, fs= ext3, config= (async_write_submit_active=auto, async_write_submit_blocks=new, async_read_submit=off, num_submit_queues=1, num_completion_queues=1, size_kernel_io_queue=51X, max_parallel_io_requests=6X, min_submit_batch_size=XX,max_submit_batch_size=6X))”, rc=13: Permission denied”



Perform below activities to resolve the issue.

  1. chown sidadm:sapsys and chmod 777 * /media/SAP______/HDBbackup/data.
  2. To take backup from Hana studio to that drive BackupDestination should be as /media/SAP_______/HDBbakcup/data.
  3. Backup prefix  should be like COMPLETE_DATA_BACKUP.


Updated: August 11, 2016 — 4:23 pm

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