saperrors.com is an SAP blog which discusses about SAP errors and Solutions for SAP BASIS. Daily we see so many errors when we search in google most of the time we see only unanswered issues. The main aim of saperrors.com is to provide exact answer to each and every issue. If you come to this site you will find answer to an issue.

Also This site provides documentation. Most of the SAP BASIS consultants looks for documents which has screenshots with step by step procedure. This site provides documents with step by step procedure with screenshots.

Some SAP BASIS consultants looks for immediate help when they stuck in any issue. saperrors.com provides online chat help to resolve their issues with free of cost.

This site also provides SAP material(non-copy righted material) to help SAP BASIS consultants. We provide SAP BASIS interview questions, SAP BASIS Faqs, SAP HANA administration material, SAP HANA Vora material for BASIS consultants via this site.

We also share SAP BASIS Jobs list all over the world. If you are SAP BASIS consultant if you come to this website you will get all what ever is you need. Please suggest if you are missing anything here. We are happy to add anything which relates to SAP.

–> New to SAP BASIS? What to know What is SAP BASIS? Here you go….

SAP BASIS consultants does administration of whole SAP systems. SAP system administration like Installation of SAP systems, creating users, creating roles, configuring transport management system, Integrating SAP systems, Monitoring SAP systems, Taking backups and restoring when required, performing system copies like Production to Quality server, Installing SAP HANA systems, installing S4 HANA systems, Performing DB related activities etc.,

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